Waking up

To feel alive before the day breaks.
Why do we resist?
Insist on staying asleep or stuck
Instead of staring at the dawn light
Reflecting off the clouds as they make their way
Across the morning sky.

Why is it so hard to do the thing we know will feed our soul?


  1. A heavy-set woman standing in the doorway of the coffee shop with her camera 
  2. A man thumb-typing on his iPhone 
  3. The tree branches swaying in the afternoon sun and wind 
  4. The sugar bowl on the counter top by the window, illuminated by afternoon light 
  5. My daughter’s soft porcelain skin and golden hair pouring across her pillow 
  6. Frothy waves crashing against the shore 
  7. A couple looking at each other with skepticism and love over their avocado and coffee


How long does it take
To go back in time and heal
A broken heart? 

How many breaths?
How many tears?


And then God said,
"No need to worry.
Remember the magic I can make
With simple things like
Water, light, and air?"


I want to come back to you
Slowly and then
All at once --

This great separation
Must end.


I look forward to our reunion:
Sun and moon, perhaps.

I want to come back to you
Return anew, from this other season
Brimming with the same love
We have always shared. 

Winter Prayer

Autumn is creeping into the Cape and
We are all desperate for rain. (For change.)

These cool mornings feel like relief
Waking in the blue light of dawn,
Black dark to grey morning to light.

I only hope this winter is not
As dark as our last.
I am tired of dying each year.
I would like my next re-birth to be a quiet one.

My prayer is for a quiet winter.
To go softly into hiding with grace
By our side.


I catch myself in memory
And dark fear.

I want to anxiously upturn every stone
Look feverishly through your jacket pockets
Shine light into everything
Dispel the shadows; banish them
To some other home, some other life

There is no darkness welcome here!
But dark and light exist together
And I can never be the arbiter of anything
(Even you.)

Two things can exist at once.

My heart lives
In two places
Separated by the sea.

How can we survive in so many pieces?

But we do
And we thrive.


What am I supposed to do
With these memories
Of you broken
Before me?


I want to fall in love with you again
Feel it in my gut.

The truth is
I still look at you in wonder.

Today I know your fault lines
Cracks slowly being filled
With gold.