There is nothing to do here but listen
To the birds, my thoughts,
Hot air through tall trees,
Your breath, heartbeat, 
The rise and fall of your chest.

I can feel you sometimes
In my gut.
Will this fear ever untangle?
Will I ever be free to love you as I did once,

Can I be awake and in love at the same time?

It will take time, if it comes at all.
Love in the face of hurt and betrayal -
There is no silver bullet.
He is real and will always be light
And dark together (like you).
You may have to leave;
The dark may get the better of him.
But for now it is summer;
The hot sun is shining in Mcgregor,
He is asleep in bed
And for all you know, he loves you.
And for all you know, he is real.