There is nothing to do here but listen
To the birds, my thoughts,
Hot air through tall trees,
Your breath, heartbeat, 
The rise and fall of your chest.

I can feel you sometimes
In my gut.
Will this fear ever untangle?
Will I ever be free to love you as I did once,

Can I be awake and in love at the same time?

It will take time, if it comes at all.
Love in the face of hurt and betrayal -
There is no silver bullet.
He is real and will always be light
And dark together (like you).
You may have to leave;
The dark may get the better of him.
But for now it is summer;
The hot sun is shining in Mcgregor,
He is asleep in bed
And for all you know, he loves you.
And for all you know, he is real.


I thought I found a man,
But he left
And I don’t even have that much to say about him
Which in and of itself
Is a heartbreak.

He was magic once
(I think)
But maybe that was just it -
You cannot survive on magic.
I had to learn that the hard way,
Slow heartache and pain.


Your dark slate eyes
And blonde curls.

Who will you become? I wonder,
Watching you every day
Become you.

I beg you, dear girl:
Don’t get bogged down with becoming anything
Just let the light inside you

Instead of the Moon

You came home with roses
And the moon
Under your arm

Leave the flowers
At the market next time,
The moon in the sky
Alongside the stars.

I would rather you
Naked with yourself
Than all the flowers, all
The stars in the sky, more than
A thousand sleepless nights.

I would rather you naked
And true.

Afternoon Nap

I always want to remember
Loving you in the sunshine
Surrounded by ancient hills.

The late afternoon sun on your back;
The arch of your shoulders, their rise and fall
Marked by light and shadow.

The low sun and cool wind,
The mountains around us,
The only sound the birds,
Our breath.