Oct 7, 2015

A Sunset

There is something in me
A sunset maybe
The blue and orange and purple sky
The trees in the wind.

And so what is next?

What is next
Besides this sunset
And tomorrow’s sunrise,
Tomorrow’s waking beside you?

This life is bigger than me or you.
It is as big as the mountain
And as changing as the sea.

But there is always the sunset
Blue and orange and purple
Glowing like a slow bruise;

The trees in the wind,
Swaying like they do.

Oct 6, 2015


I thought I found a man,
But he left
And I don’t even have that much to say about him
Which in and of itself
Is a heartbreak.

He was magic once
(I think)
But maybe that was just it -
You cannot survive on magic.
I had to learn that the hard way,
Slow heartache and pain.