I live a charmed life, I think
Even on the hard days now
When my mind races like a washing machine
(Going nowhere fast)
I am blessed with calm
In the middle of my being
A quiet of some kind.

A quiet like the grasses in golden sunlight
A quiet like the company of love
Sleeping even, at peace with each other
A quiet like family, I think.


I always want to remember
Loving you in the sunshine
Surrounded by ancient hills.

How the late afternoon sun hits your back;
The arch of your shoulders, the rise and fall of your back
Marked only by light and shadow.

How my legs drape over and around you,
Your blonde hair soft and radiant between my fingers.

The low sun and cool wind,
The mountains around us;
The only sound the birds,
Our breath.


There is something in me
A sunset maybe
The blue and orange and purple sky
The trees in the wind.

This life is bigger than me or you.
It is as big as the mountain
And as changing as the sea.

But there is always the sunset
Blue and orange and purple
Glowing like a slow bruise;

The trees in the wind,
Swaying like they do.

Birth Day

How appropriate that it was raining
On your birth day;
It suits you - full of life force,
More than my heart
Knew how to hold.

I have had to learn
To hold you;
To be full without boiling over.

How appropriate that it was raining
The day you were born;
Washing me clean, I guess.
Making space for truth,
For you, and me, the most
True love I’ve known.

I couldn’t have known, would never
Have guessed, what this year
Would hold.

Born in a winter rain storm
Bringing me to life
And holding me through it all.