The Miseducation of America

alive now for ten and seven years I am
just beginning to feel
what it means to really live and to
know yourself for everything you are
you are worth everything and have the potential to be
I have the potential to be anything and everything I
am aspiring to be
and I know now
that I am what I am and I know what I know
because of you
you and your knowledge and your wisdom and you
high standards

im holding, im holding, and im still falling
but the stepping stones are growing closer to me now
and reaching for the no longer seems so impossible

god is light, light is good, god is good?
and now the words “refresh and gladden my spirit”
have a deeper meaning
asking for more than simply what this
material world gives and takes from us;
it is not that but it is
courage and faith

my art is a physical manifestation of my soul
playing itself out in the form of words and sentences
pieced together carefully and in flashes of revelation
reflecting the mind, body and spirit that is me
struggling to be whole and beautiful in
land of the free so long as it remains
(or becomes)
home of the brave
where we are not scared to stand on both feet
and cry out proudly:
”I will not be bottled and sold to this sad society,
mass produced like some clone of who I never wanted to be”
rather we will stand and state firmly
“we are redefining the world as we know it”

the choice for Americans now is not
like it or leave it
but rather
change it or lose it

America is the melting pot of the world
until it goes up in flames
and ashes are all we have left to show for this
sacred union
a country built on freedom and democracy
brutality and enslavement

red white and blue never seemed so untrue
unveil your eyes and take a look at the American holocaust
middle-class blindmerica denying the ghetto shootings
ignoring the neo-nazis and klu klux klan that wipe out the
red orange yellow blue black and tan
remove the blindfold and open your eyes

it’s our job to inform the masses of
racism: america’s most challenging issue
the disease runs deep and we are the physicians
take a look at the patient and make your diagnosis
I hypothesize that your eyes are blind to the extent of the illness
the way it reaches into ever American soul and tears out little pieces
day by day
leaving a country of empty, hating, blind men
killing and dying in white holes with black light
water stagnant and hearts heavy

doctor’s orders: replenish and re-educate
it was slaves who built those white monuments
use your white hands to build something holy
for those who died at the hands of this democratic union
their blue backs red with the blood whipped by the hands of a white man
colors of the flag fly differently with each gust of new wind

doctor’s orders: replenish and re-educate
this unlearned country.